Thailand Wedding

Thailand Wedding Planners and Packages of Phuket Krabi Wedding Planner

A luxuriant or simple wedding celebration in a circle of relatives and friends – a Thailand Wedding not only connects the two lovers, but it also joins the heart and soul, smiles and glances of everyone in relation to the couple, forever leaving a warm trail from that day in your memory. Thailand Weddings fulfill dreams of marrying in a secluded natural space, where there are no prying eyes or hassles.


A ceremony on the shores of the Andaman Sea, in a virtually uninhabited island or semi private beach is the dream of many brides. When the breeze and coastal waves gently play with grains of golden sands in the background, the horizon appears with a turquoise and smooth surface, then you realize that your wedding is in Thailand! This is exactly what you needed, those are the conditions around which you want to hear the most important words in his life “I DO” after being prompted by the Thailand Celebrant.


On the day of your ceremony right on the coast, you might expect a great arch of flowers, tables well ordained to serve an amazing romantic dinner, chilled champagne and tropical fruit only found in this region of the world. The invisible presence of the photographer will capture the happiest moments of your life in photos of excellent professional quality.


Thailand wedding are decorated with beach, orchid aroma, light silk fluttering in the wind, a mashup of seashells and exotic flowers, a wonderful dinner in the glow of the sunset turning pink. Is this not the Thailand wedding you dreamed of together, in anticipation of your wedding day?


Thailand Weddings could take place in any season and at any time of the year. The main thing, is that you choose the right venue. For example, in the summer you can get married in Phi Phi and in the winter – it is great in Phuket. Meanwhile the ceremony itself can be carried out on the beach, in a tropical garden or in a Buddhist temple, in a hot air balloon or under water.


Finally in Thai traditions, the lovers, who wish to obtain the blessing of the sea, can choose if they wish to release a ship of banana leaves into the sea of ​​love. This ceremony is called Loy Krathong (“Krathong” – the boat, “Loy” – “floating”). The boat of love – a kind of wreath, like a corsage, is woven from flowers and banana leaves with burning incense sticks and candles, which the bride and groom let go of. They let go of, into the waves as well, all the negative events and thoughts. Now purified and blessed, the couple is ready for a new and happy life together, starting from paradise.