Thailand Elopement Phuket

thailand elopement

The perfect destination for your Thailand elopement? South Thailand, the islands, the Land of Smiles and Phuket! Let us explain: When thinking of an elopement, most people have an image in their mind as follows…

A white sand beach with a flower arch or flower altar, clear ocean water, a relaxing sea breeze as the sun begins to set… The sound of gentle waves crashing onto the shore as we begin to share our vows, exchange our rings… and then the first kiss.. and walking down the aisle. Just the two of us, the impeccable nature and our celebrant with a professional wedding photographer to capture each priceless, nuptial, blissful moment. Dreamy Bride and Groom

If this sounds like your fairy-tale, ultimate romantic destination wedding, you have come to right website. Make one of the best decisions in your life! There are many reasons to choose to elope on a beach in Thailand.


An affordable and romantic destination elopement package in Asia. If that is your dream, you are not alone. Yes, you can have it all:


Benefits of Eloping to Thailand

  • Realizing the dream of an elegant and romantic beach wedding. With loved one/s or a small group.
  • Saving our hard earned money for a house down payment or new car or other expenses, by eloping to Thailand. A paradise of nature, food and smiling people.
  • Plenty of incredible pictures to hang on our walls and cherish for the rest of our lives. Memories of the romantic and memorable, sacred ceremony and beach/sea view photo shooting post-ceremony.
  • The simple and easy booking process fully personalized and planned by a professional wedding organizer. Offered with clear communication, a highly reviewed, trusted celebrant and a competitive price.
  • Focusing on Bride and Groom foremost. Many couples find themselves planning their big wedding for their guests and family as the focus. Better yet, it should be about YOU two and celebrating YOUR experience. Let them enjoy the photos/video and celebrate with you after the honeymoon. When and how YOU like and at YOUR convenience.
  • Try something different: we offer both standard western “White” weddings and Thai-Buddhist ceremonies. The New York Times touts this new cultural option, such as a Buddhist/Thai wedding ritual: “Many couples opt for a destination wedding, but some are going a step further: They’re having weddings with all the local customs and fanfare.” Recent article: A Destination Wedding With Cultural Significance By Shivani Vora.

So what does a typical “Thailand Elopement Phuket Wedding Package” cost?


The prices range from around 250 USD up to 1700 USD (for the standard packages):



Elopement Thailand in Phuket, Khao Lak, Phi Phi, or Krabi!

  • Thailand Elopement with Celebrant and seaside location area – 300 USD
  • Elope in Thailand with Full Wedding Ceremony Package and Altar – 800 USD
  • Elopement in Thailand with Full Ceremony Package + Hair and Makeup – 1000 USD
  • Elope to Thailand for a Buddhist Monk Blessing with Thai Wedding Rituals + Hair and Makeup – 1900 USD
  • Thailand Elopement with Full Ceremony Package + Hair and Makeup + Flower Arch – 1900 USD
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What about a romantic dinner arrangement?


Of course we are happy to assist you with booking a memorable dinner arrangement for your post-ceremony meal and drinks. Usually, we assist by reserving a picturesque oceanfront table reservation overlooking the ceremony beach. According to your request, we can add additional decorations of flowers, or provide more. Such as a wedding cake, fire dancer show and anything else you might wish to have.


Elopement in Asia is recommended as an Elopement in Thailand? How about specific destinations such as an elopement of Thailand in Phuket or an elopement in Krabi or Khao Lak?


As for the location, we normally recommend Phuket Elopement Packages due to easy access for plenty of beaches, waterfalls, resorts and venues. Most importantly, Phuket has a well connected international airport (airport code HKT). It welcomes more than 9 million guests per year. There are both touristy and natural/quiet romantic spots of Phuket which is also connected to the mainland by a bridge. There are plenty of party areas and family areas.We hope to see see you for a Phuket island Elopement Package in Thailand soon! Yes it takes just one day, but it also offers a lifetime of memories! We are also pleased to welcome you to Krabi such as Ao Nang or Phi Phi for Elopements in Thailand,  or Khao Lak and the surrounding areas where we operate as well.


Okay this sounds mostly right for me. But how do I find out more and start to save my date?


Visit our quick contact form and spend only one minute telling us about what you have in mind. Following this, we’ll be able to send you a full quote and offer with advice and suggestions for the most memorable occasion of your life here in paradise.