Phuket Waterfall Wedding Thailand

Phuket Waterfall Wedding Thailand 101


A Phuket Waterfall Wedding Thailand is a unique and very special once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most people thinking of Thailand for their wedding are drawn to the beach and sea. However often overlooked, are various inland venues such as the serene atmosphere of a Phuket waterfall.


Over the years, a handful of our valued clients have chosen to “Thai” the knot for their Phuket wedding ceremony, Phuket vow renewal or Phuket wedding for two (secret wedding in Thailand) Elopement at a beautiful waterfall in the central part of the island.


These couples were more than happy about their decision. As one can see from the resulting photos, our Phuket wedding photographers are careful to catch the best angels, lighting and poses. Being in such a secluded spot as the inland Phuket waterfalls brings a true sense of privacy, as if you are the only two souls existing on the planet, for those minutes. A time that will be sure to live in your heart for the rest of your life.


A Phuket waterfall wedding Thailand is also a great idea because the shade and cool air of the forest. If moving to the beach, there will be very little shade in most places and times. It can be uncomfortable and cause your clothes to appear sweaty in the photos. Therefore, it is a great benefit that a Phuket waterfall experience for your wedding, is under the cool shade of the trees. Adventurous couples can even strip down to their bathing suits and jump into the icy water at the final climax of their ceremony ritual, splashing around as the photographer captures these playful, joyful, and exciting memorable scenes.


Typically, in the waterfall weddings, we will position the bride and groom to be standing in front of the gushing water, where the elements of nature fulfill one’s senses. Considering this immersive experience, many couples have decided to hire a video team that will professionally capture each moment of the vow exchange and various shots of the romantic scenes, by the river and waterfall.

Phuket Waterfall Wedding Thailand

There are 4 Main Phuket Waterfalls:

  • Bang Pae Waterfalls Phuket, Thailand – popular among locals, highest cascade, far from west coast tourist zones
  • Kathu Waterfall Phuket, Thailand – features four levels, very centrally located, free entry
  • Ao Yon Waterfall Phuket, Thailand – well secluded, free entry, a good choice
  • Ton Sai Waterfall Phuket, Thailand – only worthwhile in rainy season, far from west coast tourist zones

Accordingly, various options are suitable for a wedding ceremony. The choice also depends on the location of your resort and other destinations for the day. This could be followed up by a nice dinner at a recommended restaurant. Or perhaps additional photos at the beach.


Many couples like to elope (Phuket wedding for two, secret wedding in Thailand) or have their Phuket vow renewal anniversary at the waterfall. Thus, a medium or big size group is less common at this type of setting as opposed to being just the couple or a small group.


Also, visitors to the Phuket waterfalls should be able-bodied as there will be a bit of a walk, stairs, and incline at these spots.


Choosing a Phuket Waterfall Wedding Thailand is a fantastic choice, so be sure not to let this opportunity pass. It is one of the top Phuket romantic things to do. Also, any married people can engage in a long overdue vow renewal in Phuket for their refreshed nuptials.


Therefore, this type of opportunity is not only for newlyweds or young people – everyone can enjoy a Phuket wedding ceremony or vow renewal at a Phuket Waterfall. You will be glad you did and can enjoy the memories and photos or video for a lifetime!

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