Phuket Vow Renewal


Celebrate Your Enduring Commitment! Renew wedding vows Thailand

5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20, 25 or 30 years… How about a Phuket Vow Renewal? Renew your vows in paradise to enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime special romantic occasion, re-establish the love in your relationship after all these years, and recognize your enduring love and dedication together.


A vow renewal is the perfect way to acknowledge how far you have come as a couple. Despite the challenges inevitable in every day life, it is important to understand that you continue to hold each other up, that you will go forward in love, re-committed once again, and for the rest of life.


“Vow renewal ceremony can be more emotionally blissful than weddings!”


This is because you “have already done it” having achieved the goal of staying togethe

renew vows in phuket vow renewal anniversaryr, living in love in both good times and challenging times. You have been through much together, but are still going strong. A great wedding is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. If you have that, you are lucky and blessed with a reason to celebrate!


Phuket Vow Renewal Cost Questions Answered


Phuket vow renewals start at only 8,000 THB+ for the following:

  • Celebrant to facilitate personalized vow and ring exchange
  • Beach or venue selection / permit for your romantic landscape

For another 9,500+ THB we can add:

  • Professional wedding photography (1 hour)
  • Bouquet, Boutonniere and Flower Petals

In addition to the above, we can discuss your personal needs such as an arch, chairs for guests, drinks or champagne, hair and makeup styling or anything else you might require, such as a romantic dinner.

Phuket Vow Renewal - Renew wedding vows Thailand


What are the good locations or ideas for a Phuket vow renewal?


We have plenty of ideas to make your day unique, take your pick!

  • Romantic private boat ride to secluded island with celebrant and photographer
  • Vow renewal on the waterfall with nature all around
  • Visit a private, beautiful bay early in the morning to renew the vows
  • Go in a hot air balloon trip with the celebrant and photographer
  • Walk onto a beautiful beach and make a heart in the sand with flower petals to stand in for the ceremony
  • Join with friends and family at one of Asia’s top 10 beaches, at a location with a beach bar adjacent for drinks afterward. Renew wedding vows Thailand style!
  • Return every 5 years to renew the vows
  • Engage in a ceremony with your children, such as hand-fasting to strengthen the mother-father and familial bond
  • Phi Phi Island Secret Bay Ceremony

Well, what are you waiting for? The best time to renew your vows is coming sooner than you think, here on our island in the sun. And if you have never renewed your vows after 5, 10, 15 or 20+ years then you are truly missing a great opportunity to be grateful and give thanks to your best friend and life partner!

Phuket Vow Renewal Thailand

Mel and Rod, 10 years on! Renew wedding vows Thailand