Bang Tao Wedding

bang tao wedding

Start your new life at the most serene beach in Thailand: a Bang Tao Wedding!


It is the natural desire of every individual to make their special occasion memorable and enjoyable, that is why planning a Bang Tao wedding at this beautiful destination offers lifelong memories of starting a new life in paradise.


It is  recommended that couples start planning their wedding no later than one or two months in advance, however it is preferable to allow for six months to a year. All the arrangements should be completed in plenty of time, to avoid stress. The best way to proceed, is to hire a top wedding planner company that has experience and expertise, to arrange your wedding in the exact way you imagine it.


Planning your wedding in Thailand gives you the opportunity to make your wedding unforgettable. There are innumerable stunning and captivating venues, including fabulous beaches where your important event can be arranged. Among the top and most attractive beaches, are those located at Bang Tao Beach and Layan Beach.


1. Bang Tao is among the longest beaches in Thailand.  It was originally a site for tin mining, but has been transformed into a  luxury resort mecca with a large number of tourists visiting her sandy shores each year. Layan beach is a beautiful part of the beach at the end of Bang Tao, and its beauty will be more appealing to you if you prefer seclusion, it is not as busy as the beaches in Patong.


2. A Bang Tao wedding is a great choice due to the peaceful scenery.   Whether you choose Layan beach or Bang Tao for your wedding, you will surely enjoy your wedding near the sea with spectacular views of nature, in all its splendor.


3. The unique natural beauty of these beaches and the surrounding hills makes a Bang Tao Wedding the occasion that  a wedding couple and their family  will remember forever. Contact our Thailand wedding planner company that will handle all the arrangements from venue to floral decorations, to makeup and photography. Relax and enjoy!