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Every wedding is unique, just like every bride, groom and family. Therefore, we are Thailand & Phuket wedding planners who engage couples with the individual attention they deserve. Weddings are not to be taken lightly, you need a Thailand wedding planner who is responsible, heartfelt, and reliable.



Whether you are trying to fulfill your dream with a generous or meager budget, we can draw from our vast network of suppliers to meet your needs for a flashy event or one inspired by the natural beauty of Thailand. Tell us what you need and your budget, we’ll let you know what is possible.



We are with you every step of the way. We put our name behind each and ever wedding, and not only will your planner greet you from the first email, our Thialand and Phuket wedding planners will be with you until the last dance. This is for the most important day of your life: we know, it reflects in everything.




A specialist in design & beauty, with local know-how. Angie coordinates local venues & vendors. She is a skilled hair & makeup stylist & Thai native.



From New England USA, a wedding celebrant & spiritualist. He has lived in Asia since 2008, enjoying a career in luxury resorts. A former uni lecturer, he holds a credential from Cornell.











Top Thailand Wedding Vendors

Uncle Tuk


A Phuket native from Kata, Tuk boasts a long career in hospitality and is one of the most sought after photographers in the region for his quick, attentive and creative skills.

Khun Gift

Design Consultant

With a wealth of experience, she also has the chairs, dresses, suits and props for every occasion. She brings an eye for floral design guaranteed to impress.



A top wedding specialist in Phuket, when not lecturing in university or shooting a wedding, he can be found working for top international TV productions.

Angie Ritter

Hair/Makeup Stylist

Angie has a passion for beauty. She loves to make brides shine on their special day, nothing gives her a greater joy in life when they walk down that aisle.

Why choose a Thailand wedding planner?

5 Important Reasons…


Lets face it, wedding planning entails a great amount of detailed work. Who has time for it? Read more to know why skilled Phuket wedding planners and those around Thailand can save you time, money and stress to create your perfect event:


Thailand wedding packages & prices are offered by resorts, wedding planners and other venues such as beach clubs or chapels. While resorts and venues offer specific packages, some wedding planners such as can be more flexible for couples. Thus, able to develop bespoke solutions, get better deals (more value for your money) and help with selections from among vetted venue and supplier choices.


Resorts are sometimes notorious for charging a lot (overcharging) for services; but sometimes giving a mediocre product. From food to drinks to flowers or photography, experienced wedding planners make sure you get the best. It is because of this, that wedding planners are gaining in popularity, not only in Thailand but also around the world. In Thailand, planners are especially indispensable here, for a few reasons:

A Thailand wedding package price proposal offered by a skilled Thailand wedding planner becomes a one-stop-shop for the bride and groom, allowing them to make contact with that responsible party, on the ground in the destination, who will take care for their entire event’s planning and operation.


They provide valuable contacts, experience and know-how for an agreed reasonable fee and/or percent of the event budget.


We cover everything from the celebrant to the hair/makeup and all the small decor setups.

Often when dealing with overseas weddings there may be language barriers, trust issues or a communications problem. Ever ask five questions in an email and get an answer to only two? A skilled wedding planner team will overcome all these issues on behalf of the bride and groom, allowing for smooth sailing from the first inquiry to the last dance. Our Phuket wedding planners are with you for the full journey, the new adventure beginning in Thailand!

A sales manager at a hotel or large wedding planner company is not a business owner, therefore they may be less likely to put their heart into their work, go overtime or take that extra step to make sure your dreamy day is, well, perfect!

In the same way, will overcome the lack of flexibility provided by venues or typical planners, to truly tailor requirements, inquires, packages or requests for brides grooms to-be’s unique wishes.

This flexibility along with a “can-do” attitude and all the right enduring connections and relationships, means that offers the most competitive prices on the premiere Thailand wedding package options. Find a better offer? Just let us know and we’ll match it or beat this Thailand wedding package prices!

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